Ultimate Backpacker Packing List For Australia

Are you leaving for Australia on a Working Holiday visa? Wondering what to bring? Here are a few tips to prepare your backpack or suitcase for your adventure Down Under.

Backpack or suitcase ?

If you go on a road trip around Australia, be it in a van, a 4 × 4 or a car, it is strongly recommended that you take a backpack, which will be much less bulky in the vehicle. You can find many types of backpacks on Amazon. I recommend the G4Free Large 40L Backpack. It’s very affordable, lightweight, water resistant and you can put lots of stuff in it.

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If you are going to Australia as an au pair, intern or student, you will probably be living in an apartment or house in a big city. In this case, you can choose to travel with a suitcase if you want. But if you rent a room in an apartment, it’ll be easier to store a backpack than a suitcase.

What kind of bag?

We recommend taking a large backpack of 50 to 70L such as the G4Free Backpack, and a small backpack for your personal belongings such as the Osprey Packs Daylite Plus Backpack. Know that there are backpacks for men, and for women (straps placed differently).

For the big bag: Think about balancing your bag properly, nothing is more unpleasant than a bag that leans to one side. Make sure that the objects you’ll need to use on a regular basis are easily accessible!

For the small bag: Put your wallet, driving license, visa, passport and other important documents there in case your big backpack gets lost in the plane.

Preparing your bag

Tip # 1 – Travel light

Most backpackers take too much stuff! Don’t forget that if you’re going on a road trip, you won’t be changing your clothes as often as in the city.

Make 3 stacks: 1) What I need – 2) What I don’t need – 3) Not sure…

Try to put all the stuff from Stack # 1 in your bag. If you have a little bit of room left, put a few things from stack # 3.

Remember that airlines only allow a limited weight for your luggage. It is usually 20 kg for checked baggage (max 2 per person). You can go up to 30kg with some airlines or pay extra to get these extra 10kg! Your hand luggage can reach 7 kg.

Picture of what you shouldn’t do:

Tip # 2 – Take a little bit of everything

OK, we’re not in Canada here, but remember that in the south of Australia, winters can be very cool. Sometimes below 0 ° C! So take 2 or 3 sweaters, a jacket and some pants .. you’re not going to Hawaii !!

For those who want to stay in town, the dress standards are quite similar to Europe or the US. Australians like to dress well to go out in the evening, but bouncers are not as picky as in Europe, even if you’re not wearing a shirt.

Tip # 3 – Forget the classy stuff

Of course, you can take a few nice things for when you go out. But again, it all depends on the trip you’re planning to have.

It is important to take at least one sports / outdoors outfit. Especially if you plan to do fruit picking, you will need a pair of sneakers, pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt. Keep in mind that you’ll be damaging these clothes!

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What to put in your backpack or suitcase?


5 short sleeve t-shirts / tank tops
+ 1 or 2 long sleeve t-shirt / tank tops
A rain coat
2 warm hoodies
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of worn and comfortable pants (for fruit picking etc.)
2 or 3 shorts
1 dress pants / skirt
1 pajamas


6 pairs of socks
6 of your usual underwear
2 swimsuits

Hygiene & Pharmacy

Toothbrush + toothpaste
Small mirror
A nail clipper + tweezers
Deodorant / Fragrance
Shower gel / shampoo to buy on arrival
Anti diarrhea
Any medication you need
Condoms / pill.
1 tube of sunscreen.


1 pair of flip flops
1 or 2 pairs of used trainers
1 pair of city shoes


1 pair of sunglasses
1 belt
1 cap
1 or 2 padlocks
A camera with a memory card.
An external disk
A laptop and / or digital tablet
A phone (unlocked) + charger
An adapter (easily found in Oz).
Small backpack for excursions.

and don’t forget to pack an Australia travel guide

Enjoy your trip!

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