The Top Websites To Find A Job In Australia

The best way for expats to find a job in Australia is to use a jobs search engine. This is true even if you are still living in your country, and you are planning to move to Australia soon. By securing a position before you fly there, you could make your installation in Oz much easier.

I compiled a list of the best websites to find work in Australia. You should definitely use them all to increase your chances of finding the job of your dreams!



Seek is the number one jobs search engine in Australia, and for a good reason. Their website offers the most job opportunities in Australia, and it is very easy to use. They also offer a service called Seek Learning which allows its users to register for courses to learn new skills and start a new career. is a very professional jobs search engine, well organised, and recognised as the Australian leader in its field. They should be your first go-to website to find a job.



Indeed isn’t as famous as Seek in Australia, but they are definitely catching up, and they are our second choice for best jobs search engine in Oz. Indeed is the world’s number one jobs aggregator, and it is a very useful place to visit if you want your career to take off. A jobs aggregator is basically a search engine that displays all the job results from other search engines. Instead of visiting lots of websites, you could just visit Indeed to see all the job ads you are looking for. Very practical!


Adzuna is a pretty nice Aussie jobs aggregator, with lots of job ads. It’s just not as popular as Indeed, maybe because of its strange green theme? I would still recommend it as it is a very useful jobs search engine, especially since they are now offering a new service which tells you how much your CV is worth! Their Facebook page is also really cool because the community manager is funny and likes to interact with jobseekers.


Gumtree is a very different type of website. It’s a search engine where you can buy or sell stuff, rent a home, and yes, look for a job! The types of jobs you find there are a bit more “backpackerish”, but this can be a good thing if you are on a Work holiday visa and you want a part time job to pay for your trip to Australia. Very popular and easy to use, Gumtree has a more “relaxed vibe” and can be a nice alternative to other jobs search engines.


Careerone is the Australian version of Although not as successful as Seek, it is a nice jobs search engine where you can find different job ads that you won’t see anywhere else. It is definitely worth visiting if you are looking for an alternative jobs browsing experience, and like Seek, they offer advice and guidance to learn new skills or change your career.

So here are the best Australian jobs search engine that foreigners and immigrants to Australia can use to find a job! And oh, yes, don’t forget our own backpacker job board !