Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Move To Sydney

Sydney IS definitely a great place to live, but like every other big city in the world, it has its positives, and its negatives. Here are the top 10 things people don’t tell you about Sydney, things that you will only discover when you live there!


1. The weather in Sydney can be pretty crappy


I noticed that many expats go on and on about how the weather is always perfect in Sydney… Truth is, it’s not. It rains a lot in Sydney, actually more than in London or Melbourne! It can be very stormy there, because the weather is really unpredictable. You don’t really have seasons in Australia. The weather goes from one extreme to the other. When it’s sunny, the sky is the bluest you’ll ever see and it’s great to have a barbecue with friends or go to the beach for an Aussie Christmas. But when it gets overcast, it can be very wet and dreary.


2. The city of Sydney is actually very small


Sydney’s urban area is big and sprawling, but if you look at a map of Sydney proper, you’ll see that it’s actually really small. The neighborhoods that surround Sydney are actually suburbs, where most people live. The city of Sydney is so expensive that they just can’t afford buying a home there! They commute to work downtown, spending hours in their cars or public transportation. If you compare Sydney’s city center to other metropolises such as London or Shanghaï, you’ll realise that it’s minuscule.


3. There are great restaurants everywhere. Food in your home city will seem bland after Sydney

Australia isn’t known as a foodie country, but it should be! It’s very hard to eat bad food there. Sydney offers a huge diversity of restaurants from all over the world. If you like Chinese, Malay, French, Italian, or even British food, you’ll find it in Sydney! The quality is often great, and the service smily and efficient. In my opinion, Sydney has better restaurants than other big cities such as Berlin or New York.


4. Sydneysiders like to walk bare feet in the street. It looks yucky sometimes

Yes, you heard me right. You’ll often encounter people walking bare feet in the street or in shopping malls. I’m always surprised when I see that, because I would be scared to cut my feet on a piece of glass! But the people who do that don’t seem to mind at all. They walk around the city as if they were at the beach, something that you would never see in Paris or London!


5. You won’t be attacked by scary bugs in Sydney. It’s a tad disappointing

cute pug

People like to say that there are spiders, snakes and giant beetles everywhere in Sydney. Maybe they’re trying to scare tourists away? This is a myth. I actually saw more bugs in Europe than in Sydney. The only critters you might stumble upon in the emerald city are cute little pugs or poodles. Of course, if you visit the Outback, that’s another story… Try your best to avoid a redback spider bite if you go there!

p.s: OK, one of my readers just mentioned annoying flies on Sydney beaches in summer… And that’s true. They’re really annoying little buggers who will try to get inside your mouth and your nose. Does anybody know why are there so many flies in Australia during the summer?


6. Everybody doesn’t look like Margot Robbie or Chris Hemsworth

margot robbie

I know you were hoping to meet a sexy Aussie like Margot Robbie or Chris Hemsworth, but guess what… Not every Australian person looks like them. Of course, there are many good looking people in Sydney, but some people actually look normal, and some are not very good looking, actually. Sorry to burst your bubble!

7. In Sydney, the Internet is very slooooooow…

slow internet

Internet service providers in Sydney, such as Optus or Telstra, leave a lot to be desired. The Internet is incredibly slow there and breaks often. According to a study, the Internet in Australia is one of the slowest in the world… If you like playing Call of Duty or Minecraft online, get ready to be frustrated!

8. The sun sets super early in Sydney

sydney sunset

Because of its latitude, the sun sets very very early in Sydney. Sunsets are nice there, but very short. Often, it’ll be totally dark at 5:30pm! On the other hand, Sydney sunrises are some of the most beautiful in the world. Try to wake up at 5am one day to see what I’m talking about… It’s an unforgettable experience!

9. People in Sydney are too friendly. It’s a nightmare if you’re an anti-social person.

friendly aussie

Do people ever fight in Sydney? It doesn’t look like it. I’ve never met the stereotypical Australian bogan you sometimes see in Hollywood movies. And I’ve never seen people scream at each other in Sydney streets, or any road rage incidents. Aussies look so chilled! Everybody seems to be very patient and smily. It’s so relaxing, especially after living in big European and US cities where people always look very stressed and ready to bite your head off…

10. You’ll become addicted to Sydney

sydney australia

Once you move to Sydney, you’ll become addicted to its more than 100 beaches, amazing food, friendly inhabitants and amazing lifestyle. Your salary and quality of life will be much better than ever, and you’ll never want to leave and go back to your home country! Sounds great on paper, but your family and friends will be very sad!

You don’t mind that? Alright, Sydney is the best place to be in Australia, so what are you waiting for? Just book your plane ticket already!