The most amazing places to visit in Australia: Experts round-up!

The team at Backpacker Jobs Australia decided to ask top travel bloggers to tell us about their favorite places to visit in Australia. If you’re a backpacker or Working Holiday Maker and are wondering where you should go during your adventure Down Under, stop everything you’re doing and read this round-up NOW! 🙂

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Without further ado, buckle your seat belt, don’t forget your sunscreen, avoid the Australian bird eating spider and get ready for the top destinations in Australia. Here we go!


1# Lisa: travelling the South Coast from Perth to Adelaide

The road trip I’d recommend in Australia is travelling the south coast
from Perth to Adelaide. It’s less built up than the east coast, and
definitely the road less travelled. The highlights include amazing
food and surf in Margaret River, ancient karri forests in Pemberton
and Walpole, stunning sand dunes in Yeagarup, swimming with wild
dolphins and sea lions in Baird Bay, crossing the Nullarbor and having
enormous, empty white beaches in Esperance and the Eyre Peninsula all to yourself!



2# Megan and Luis: a drive around Uluru & Kata Tjuta

The pearls in the red centre of the Australian landmass, unique in their complex structures, and imbued with life from Aboriginal ancestral beings. Perhaps more astonishingly, they’re unique in their deep stillness. They rise from the arid landscape in a conflagration with the rising sun. They return to nothingness with a serene display. A pilgrimage to the sacred lands of the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people is a uniquely Australian experience; a road trip like no other.

Megan and Luis,


3# Ellie: Lucky Bay, near Cape le Grand National Park on the south coast

One amazing place you should visit on an Aussie road trip is Lucky Bay,
near Cape le Grand National Park on the south coast. The beach has twice
been voted the whitest sand beach in Australia, and there are frequently
kangaroos hopping past or lounging around catching some rays on the shore.
There’s a good campsite nearby, or another one further down the road in
the national park itself, and both have great facilities (although limited
space – make sure you get there early!)




4# Justin: Don’t miss South West Australia!

South-West Australia boasts a perfect combination of beautiful coastlines, charming laid back towns and beautiful scenery. Only a ‘short’ drive from Perth you’ll find amazing places like Yallingup, Margaret River and the rugged coastlines of Augusta. Want to extend your trip? Make sure to add the beautiful Elephant Rocks and Little Beach near Albany, the place where you could also see whales in the right season.

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elephant rocks


5# Alys: My favorite place in Australia? The Great Ocean Road

My favourite Australian roadtrip was driving from Melbourne to  Warrnambool along The Great Ocean Road. I hired a small campervan and took a week to explore the coast and the many different stops along the way. I’d definitely recommend taking a slower approach to this trip as there are a lot of hidden scenic treasures! My highlights included a surf lesson at the world famous Bell’s Beach, seeing the incredible 12 Apostles rising from the sea at sunset and spotting wild koalas at The Great Otway National Park. Following the winding, dramatic coastal roads and camping each night with some of the most impressive starry skies was a great introduction to roadtripping!


great ocean road


6# Kristen: The Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise

Australia in general is the perfect destination for an epic road trip. The Gold Coast is a great place to start. My husband Siya and I drove from Surfers Paradise to a place called Nimbin, driving through several National Parks along the way. Nimbin is one of the coolest places I’ve visited. Before the late 1960s, Nimbin was home to cattle farming, but after the recession this all changed. In desperate need to bring income into this area, the people of this town threw an event called the Aquarius Festival, which is similar to Woodstock. The festival brought in between 5000-10,000 hippies who loved it so much that they decided to stay, buy land and start communes. You’ll see once you arrive that Nimbin is a colourful community made up of creative, free spirited individuals.


gold coast


7# Ruben: Venture down the Stuart Highway, from Darwin to Melbourne

Back when I was living in Australia, we did the most magical roadtrip humans can experience. We ventured down the Stuart Highway, from Darwin to Melbourne and back. Twenty-one days for more than six thousand kilometers of diversity in climate, nature and experiences. It was the most iconic Aussie trip I did during my permanence, cutting the continent from North to South. We visited the National Parks of Litchfield and Kakadu, where we saw the crocodiles jumping, took a dip in the Bitter Springs thermal pools and after a refreshing drink at the Daly Waters Pub, where we left our hats, bras and shoes before reaching Wycliffe Wells, the UFO capital of Australia. On our path we encountered giant granite boulders, the Devils Marbles, reached the midway point in Alice Springs before climbing Uluru and spending the night stargazing. One of the highlights came soon after when we discovered Coober Pedy, an underground opal-mining town. The rest of the jo urney was a slow adaptation to civilised cities, from the wineries in South Australia to South Augusta, before entering the metropolitan areas of Adelaide and Melbourne. An unforgettable trip.




8# Rosemary: You need to include a Gibb River Road trip to your bucket list

A journey along the Gibb River Road, in the Kimberley, is the ultimate Aussie outback road trip. This remote road spans 660kms and takes in spectacular scenery with loads of gorges, waterfalls and swimming holes to explore along the way. And if that is not enough adventure, travel further to the Bungle Bungle Range, one of the world’s most unique landscapes with 45,000 hectares of unique sandstone ‘beehive’ domes – a Kimberley outback road trip should be on every traveler’s bucket list.


gibb river


9# Chantelle: You really need to drive around the Red Centre!

An Australian road trip is never complete without a visit to the vast and beautiful ‘red centre’. A place of raw beauty, rich culture and a scale of grandness that is both terrifying and unique. And of course, the star of the show of the red centre is Uluru – and what a destination this is. But a road trip is not just about the destination, but the experience of life on the road, the joy of kilometres experienced and those yet to be experienced. There is no better way to see Uluru than experiencing the journey across the Great Central Road, starting in the small outback town of Laverton, Western Australia. Heading east, it is not long until you leave the bitumen behind for a bone jarring and wondrous journey of 1100km across a desert that is at once both peaceful and lively. Only a few small Aboriginal communities dot the lonely, wide track that travels through the soul of the outback. After three days of travel, the horizon begins t o change as a small red, familiar shape begins to form in the distance. As the kilometres tick down, it becomes difficult to remain focused on the immediate surrounds. The magnificence of the rock steals your attention and you can’t help but feel the presence of generations passed as the rock begins to glow under the rays of the setting sun.


red centre


10# Kev and Jade: Drive Down The Ningaloo Reef

kev and jade

So much is talked about the east coast and the Great Barrier Reef, but the Ningaloo Reef on the west coast is just as incredible, and so much cheaper to visit. You will be able to snorkel with manta rays, turtles and 1000’s of fish, just of the beach, without having to go on a boat! If that wasn’t good enough, the Ningaloo Reef is one of the only places in the world that you’ll be able to swim with humpback whales and Whale Sharks. It’s one of the most incredible places we have ever been.

Kev and Jade –


11#Kelsey and Peter: Head South to Wilsons Promontory National Park

Located only a 3 hour drive south of Melbourne, I’d recommend ‘Wilsons Prom’ as an equally memorable, and thankfully less crowded, alternative to the Great Ocean Road. I joined a last minute campervan excursion with some fellow travelers from Couchsurfing, and spent a sunny weekend hiking through insanely gorgeous landscapes near the Tidal River and Squeaky Beach, stopping to admire the scenery, the surfers and even the occasional wombat. Pack your camping gear and a good book, and spend a couple of nights at this lesser-visited Aussie road trip gem.

Kelsey and Peter –

wilsons prom


12# Claudia: Western Australia is my favorite part of Oz

Instead of going straight from Adelaide to Alice Springs take a
sidetrack to the Flinders Ranges which bursts of wildlife and is good
for hiking. Continue northbound along the Lake Eyre which is the biggest
lake in Australia but most of the year dry. Next turn left onto the
Oodnadatta Track which takes you straight through the outback where you
can sleep under the stars. Continue till you reach the Stuart Highway.
But before going to Alice visit the unique opal mining town Coober Pedy
and the nearby „Breakaways“ which look like a mars landscape.


6_lake eyre