The Best Training And Certificates To Get A Job In Australia

You just arrived in Australia, and you would like to get a first job as a barista, a barman, a construction worker or maybe a traffic controller? You may be asked to obtain a specific diploma or certificate to get these jobs. This can take one afternoon or one to two days and is easily obtained. Be aware, however, that each state has its own legislation, so you may have to get a new certificate if you move to another Australian state.

RSA Certificate (Responsible Service of Alcohol)

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This certification allows you to occupy positions where you will be serving alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer, whiskey etc. You can’t get the certification online in the state of Victoria, you have to go to a class (from 3 to 4 hours). Same thing for New South Wales (about 6 hours) and for Tasmania.

But if you already hold an RSA from another state, you have the option to update it online so that you do not have to pass it again for the states of Victoria, NSW and Tasmania. The RSA is mandatory in all Australian states, and sometimes it has to be re-examined because the laws are not the same in every state.

Here are a few websites to get the certification online when it’s allowed :

Training Aid Australia

The RSA certificate usually costs between 40 and 160 AU $, depending on the city and the package you choose.

RCG Certificate (Responsible Conduct of Gambling)


Allows you to work in the field of gambling and betting (casinos, gambling halls, etc.). You can obtain it online or in a classroom. You can register on the websites mentioned above to get it online when it’s allowed. This certificate costs around 80 AU $ but it may vary because many organizations offer to obtain it at the same time as the RSA.

Barista certificate

barista australia

Allows you to work in cafes and coffee chains, by learning all the techniques to prepare coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte, etc. You study in a classroom and it takes between 3 and 4 hours.

Here is a school where you can go :

Australian barista school

The diploma costs between 100 and 120 AU $, sometimes more depending on the package chosen.

Bar Skills

Allows you to work behind a bar and serve alcohol. Of course, you must also pass the RSA beforehand. Some organizations offer to obtain the RSA, RCG and Bar Skills together in one package. Such a course can last from half a day to a full day and costs between 100 and 130 AU $.

Food Hygiene Procedures

Allows you to work in the Australian food industry and to demonstrate your knowledge of strict safety and hygiene rules. Some companies may ask you to start this training but it is quite rare. The course usually lasts half a day and costs between 80 and 100 AU $.

White Card


Compulsory to work in construction. Valid throughout Australia. It can take place online (3 or 4 hours) or in a group (one day). Choose an organization to train that’s based where you are. Costs between 40 and 80 AU $ but the prices can sometimes go up to 130 AU $. Labouring jobs can be hazardous. You need travel insurance for your Working Holiday in Australia, especially if you’ll be working as a labourer. You can’t afford getting into an accident and not having travel insurance to cover your medical bills. I recommend getting your insurance from World Nomads.

Forklift license

Learn how to operate a forklift, which is a significant advantage on your resume for certain jobs (factory and construction jobs in particular). Not compulsory but makes it easier to find work. Training can last from one to two days depending on your previous experience. Costs between 400 and 500 AU $.

Blue Card (traffic control course)

Allows you to work as a traffic controller, a well paid Australian job! You must first get a White Card but you can obtain both at the same time with some organizations. Training lasts approximately one day (6 to 7 hours). Costs between 140 and 170 AU $. Good to know: always consider choosing a training organisation that’s certified by the state in which you are.

Many organizations offer discounts for all these courses, and prices vary enormously from one place to another. Once you get your certificate or diploma, don’t forget to add it on your resume so that employers can see it !

Good luck!