Strawberry Picking Job, Great For 2d Year WHV!

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Hey Guys!

Strawberry season down south is still going and will continue all the way through until June. As our loyal workers are fast completing their 88 days, we are looking for more hardworking, enthusiastic employees to see the season through!

Pay is piece rate unless told otherwise. We pay per tray. Depending on the fruit quality/ quantity, the price will change everyday. We work out our piece rate by calculating the amount of punnets packed per tray which will determine the price. Our good workers are making up to $38.00 per hour everyday.

Our location allows you to apply for your 2nd year visa.

Work to start as soon as possible! We work from 5-10 hours per day, (depending on the day) 7 days per week with some days off.

To apply and find more information, please visit our website:


Please do not apply if you are lazy and looking for an easy job. This is farm WORK. We are looking for only hard workers with a good work ethic.

Must do a minimum of 1 month.

Please be sure to keep an eye on your junk mail folder for an email from us.

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: →