Citrus picking farm work in QD, great for WHV!

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Seven Fields requires casual farm labourers to assist with the citrus thinning, pruning and harvest on their Abbotsleigh Farm near Wallaville QLD. Due to the high physical demands of these positions and extended periods of high temperatures (above 35 degrees Celsius), workers will need to be physically fit and self motivated. Working in citrus orchards is physically demanding, intensive work. Picking involves manual picking of fruit according to size and colour parameters using a ladder, snips and picking bag. You will be required to carry a picking bag and climb up and down a ladder many times a day to harvest the fruit. Pruning involves selectively pruning limbs out of a tree using a hand saw. Thinning involves selectively removing the excess fruit on the trees by hand and climbing up and down a ladder many times in a day to reach all of the fruit. The positions available are all manual labouring positions out in the field. The majority of the work will be paid based on a piece rate. For example, if you are picking you will be paid by the bin, if you are pruning and thinning you will be paid by the tree. Preference will be given to those workers with previous experience and those willing to commit to work over the period required. There is 6 months work available starting in March 2018. You will be employed for an average minimum of 30 hours per week over the course of the 6 month period. Applicants must apply using the Abbotsleigh Citrus application form which can be completed online at our website: To be considered, all applicants must use the Abbotsleigh Citrus application form. Applications close 12/02/2018.

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