Guide: IT Jobs In Australia For Foreigners, Working Holiday Makers And Expats


Australia needs tech expats:

According to, there is a shortage of good tech candidates in Australia and the rest of the world. There are lots of startups and big tech companies in Sydney and Melbourne right now, and Australia is definitely high on the list of countries hiring foreign IT candidates because they are so hard to find!

So if you are a techie (developer, computer engineer etc.), you should definitely try to immigrate to Australia. There are several ways to do this:

-You could be eligible for a skilled visa (subclass 190 or 189) if you are a skilled overseas worker with IT skills needed in Australia. Visit Skillselect on the Australian government’s website and lodge an EOI (expression of interest). TIP: each state’s website has a list of nominated occupations. You can check to see if your IT job is there. For example, here is the page for Victoria.

-Or you could try to get sponsored by a business (work visa subclass 457*). Visit Australian jobs websites like and apply for IT jobs. Some companies are willing to invest in foreign talent and pay for their visa, and it’s sometimes written in the job description. *UPDATE* Unfortunately, the subclass 457 visa has been cancelled in April 2017. More info here.

Another solution is to go on a work holiday visa if your country is on the list, but you have to be younger than 30, and after 6 months, you’ll have to leave your job and find a new one because that’s the rule in Australia. Not great!

If you want more information about the different work visas in Australia, you should visit this article we wrote recently.

Working in IT: a way to move to Australia!

Working for an Australian tech company can be a great way to immigrate to Australia, because right now, this country is trying to attract the best talents in the world. Of course, you’re not the only IT professional trying to get a job in Australia, so you will be in competition with other talented programmers. But if you manage to get a work visa and find an IT job in Sydney or Melbourne, you’ll be earning a very nice salary.

Usually, the work environment in this type of company is also really cool: free drinks, ping pong table, friendly colleagues… What more could you ask for? The skills in demand right now are:

Ruby on rails, PHP, Python: If you know these languages, or you are a full stack web developer, employers in tech companies will love you.

-Javascript: Javascript is very useful to create websites or web apps. There are lots of jobs in Australia for Javascript gurus.

-Wordpress/Drupal/CMS in general: are you a WordPress/CMS and PHP specialist? Check the Aussie jobs websites and you’ll see there are lots of opportunities for you!

-Swift: Apple products are the big craze right now. If you can develop iPhone apps with Swift, you’ll definitely find a job easily.

Forget about the Silicon Valley… Oz is the new hot thing! You won’t regret moving to the lucky country, so you should definitely try your luck if you love programming.