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Why I left London for Sydney and will never look back


Two month ago, I left London for Sydney to live there on a working holiday visa. Well you know what? I want to stay here in Australia and I never want to go back to Britain. Here is why:

1. The weather is much better in Australia

You can sum up London weather with: "grey, rainy, grey, rainy, stormy, grey etc." I hate the cold. I hate foggy morning where you can't see where you're going because it's so dark and polluted everywhere. London's atmosphere is toxic and cold, while Sydney is sunny and much less polluted.

2. Salaries are much better in Sydney

Sydney is expensive, but not as expensive as London. And Australian salaries are much higher than in the UK. I have no idea how non billionaires can afford living in London. At least in Sydney, you can buy a very nice house if you work hard. And you can play hard too! Which leads me to...

3. Sydney has more than 100 beaches. London has... the Thames

Need I say more? I just love going surfing in the morning before work, or at the end of the day, before dinner. You just can't beat the nature in Australia. London is cold, boring, with no sea.

4. People are friendlier in Sydney than in London

In London, you could faint in the tube, nobody would help you. People avoid eye contact and don't want to speak with you. I love how chill Aussies are, and how easy it is to make friends there.

5. London is depressing, Sydney is fun

Between the Brexit, extortionate cost of living and the grey weather, London is a really sad place. Sydney, on the other hand, is much more fun. People don't look like they're starving because of their higher salaries. They're more outdoorsy and looks better in general.

The only thing I miss in London is my family. Apart from that, I'd never ever want to live there ever again and will try to get Permanent residence in Australia.

Wow, you really HATE London. Actually I loved this city when I visited it. Aren't you a bit extreme? I mean, yes Sydney is beautiful and all, but London has great perks too. It may not have the beach, but it has much more theatres, cinemas, shopping, culture that Sydney.

I thought London was super polluted, expensive, bad weather, grumpy people. I agree with Javierr, Sydney is 10000 times better. The quality of life can't even compare.

London does have that sort of polluted and overpriced atmosphere yes. I still like it though, so wouldn't be as harsh in reviewing it as you are 😀

Sydney certainly looks like it has more charm than London though, so I can see why people would want to trade between the two.

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