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I hate Sydney, am I normal?


Hi everybody,

I'm Steve, a 25 year old guy from Stuttgart in Germany. I moved to Sydney 3 months ago because I had heard sooo many good things about this city. That the weather was perfect, the people very friendly, the city very beautiful, yada, yada, yada. Basically, I was sold Sydney like it's the land of milk and honey.

Well, I'm sorry to say it's not paradise on earth, in my opinion. I think I actually prefer my home city of Stuttgart. So yes, I know what lots of people will say: how can you criticise the best city in the world? You have everything there! The beach, the sun, lots of job opportunities, a safe environment etc. Well first of all, it's been raining 50% of the time since I've been here, so I'm sorry to say it's NOT always sunny in Sydney. Second of all, life is awfully expensive here compared to Germany. For the price I pay for my Sydney flat, I could get a penthouse in Germany without the cockroaches.

I also think people are relatively friendly, but conversations here always concern the same things: your job, money, your last trip to Bali, your home and your car. I don't think I've ever been able to talk with people about cinema, literature, politics etc. here. Actually, I've been able to do it with fellow germans only. The vibe is a bit strange to me, I don't like this very materialistic mentality where it's all about what you have in your bank account.

Finally, I don't find the city of Sydney that beautiful nor interesting. Yes, the Bondi Coogee walk is nice; yes, the bay with the opera and bridge are beautiful. But that's it. There must be 3 decent museums here, and other neighbourhoods like Glebe, Chippendale, Newtown etc. really look quite awful, in my opinion. I'm sorry for this rant, I hope I didn't come off as annoying, but I just wanted to give my honest opinion as it sometime sounds like people HAVE to say good things about Sydney, or else they feel like people will look at them weird, or they won't fit in. Or maybe backpackers like me don't want to confess they don't think Sydney is that great, because they spent so much money to go there, and because they want their friends who stayed back home to believe they're having a blast? Anyway, I'd like to know if other people are also disappointed in Sydney?

Hi Steve,

Everybody has a right to their opinion on this forum, so you shouldn't apologise if you're expressing yourself. I personally really like Sydney, but I can see why some people wouldn't want to live there forever because YES, it IS very expensive.

I love the more than 100 beaches there, though 🙂

Hey SteveY, I'm very surprised that you hated Sydney. I've been there several times and thought it was a fantastic place. Now of course, if you spent all your time with people from your country, you couldn't possibly have interesting conversations with Aussies. Lots of backpackers tend to stay with their fellow countrymen/women instead of trying to understand the local culture.

Maybe that's why you didn't like it? Oh yes, by the way, how can you complain about the climate there when you come from Stuttgart? I don't think Stuttgart is famous for its great weather 😉

I personally think Melbourne is a much nicer city than Sydney, with more culture and history. I do think Sydney is overrated.

I think SteveY is trying to start a flame war... A bit of a troll, maybe? Sydney is the top best city in the world, without a doubt. Apart from Los Angeles or San Francisco, which other city in the world has great beaches and weather, + lots of good jobs? None.

And when you say Sydney isn't that beautiful, I'm rolling my eyes. Stuttgart is more beautiful maybe? I don't think so.

I think you're trying to post something that will make Sydney lovers mad because you just like to.

Hi Javierrr, SteveY has the right to express himself. Let's try to keep things civil in here, ok? 🙂

i'm sorry soho, I always get a bit mad when people criticise my favorite city. I'll try to make an effort from now on

Quote from Javierrr on November 4, 2017, 5:21 pm

i'm sorry soho, I always get a bit mad when people criticise my favorite city. I'll try to make an effort from now on

A forum is supposed to be a place where you can talk with people and give your opinion, don't you think Javierrr? If SteveY doesn't like Sydney, that's his right. I've also been there and thought it was nice, but not what it's cracked up to be. I much prefer Brisbane. It's cleaner, warmer, cheaper, and people are friendlier.

Just my 2 cents...

Hi Javierrr, you don't know me, so I'm not sure why you think you can talk to me that way. I just wanted to share my opinion, as I believe only people who love Sydney (or act as if it's so amazing) have the right to talk sometimes. it's like if you're not part of the Sydney fan club, you can't express yourself.

Why is that? Can you tell me? Every time people back from a WHV in Sydney, they feel the need to say everything is perfect there, it's always sunny, it never rains, people are ALWAYS super duper amazing etc. I just think it's a bit extreme, as there is no perfect city in this world.

I think it's important to give everybody a chance to say what they think about that city, because in my opinion, there's  lots of misinformation too.

If you can't accept other people's opinion, that's too bad.

To be honest I thought Sydney was very disappointing too. Why would I leave my family back in the UK to live in a city where I can't even swim because the beach is infested with sharks? I might as well move to Spain, where the food, culture, history and architecture are much better. There are no lock out laws there either...

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