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Best city to find a job in Australia?

Hi everybody, my name is Alice and I'm moving to Sydney soon for my work holiday visa. I was wondering if you think it's the best city to find a job in Oz? Or do you think Melbourne or Brisbane are good too? Just trying to compare the options as I've never been to Australia and don't know what to expect. Thanks!

Sydney is great to find a job as it's the biggest city in Australia. Melbourne and Brisbane are good too. But I think Canberra is a hidden gem. Lots of well paid jobs, but with much cheaper real estate than Sydney.

I think Brisbane and Perth are pretty good choices too, because the weather is great in these cities and the quality of life really nice. Perth is expensive, but Brisbane is like a cheaper version of Sydney. That's why many backpackers (and Sydneysiders!) choose to move to Brisbane.

Brisbane all the way! It has everything: nice warm weather, friendly people, beautiful beaches nearby, lots of jobs, cheaper lifestyle than Sydney. You can't go wrong if you choose Brissie! 🙂

I really like Brisbane and Sydney, but found Perth very boring. Nothing to do there! But then maybe it's subjective.

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