How To Find Jobs In Australia For Americans

An increasing number of Americans are moving to Australia, and it’s not surprising. After all, isn’t Australia a safer, more relaxed version of the USA? The land Down Under really is a dream destination. Read our guide to live and work there!

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Australia: jobs for American citizens?

There are lots of jobs in Australia for Americans, and it’s possible to move there with a migrant visa. You can apply as a Skilled migrant and find a job when you land Down Under, or get help from the government to find a job while you go through the visa application process. You’ll have to fill lots of documents on the Australian government’s immigration website, but it’s quite straightforward. Another solution is to apply for a Work and holiday visa if you’re under 31 year old.

1.How to apply to get a skilled migrant visa

Check the Skilled Occupations Lists

Check the Skilled Occupation Lists on the Australian government’s website to find your occupation. If it’s on the list, you can apply for a skilled migrant visa and then find a job once you’ve landed Down Under.

Take the points test

You must take the points test to know if you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for the occupation of your choice. The skilled migrant visa requires 65 points, and you get extra points if you’ve already studied in Australia. You must also be younger than 50 and speak English (which I guess you speak if you’re an American!)

Submit copies of your academic qualifications and work references

You must submit certified copies of your academic qualifications and work references to one of the Australian skills assessing authorities. Find the authority for your occupation on the Australian government website. You can apply with another job if you don’t find approval with the first one you found.

Complete the General Skilled Migration visa application

Visit the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship website and fill the General Skilled Migration visa application. You must also sign the Australian Values Statement.

Print the application and attach all required documents

Print the application and attach all the extra documents necessary for your application: a certified copy of your post-secondary qualifications, work references, your skills assessment, a certified copy of both your birth certificate and of your passport bio data, and then submit everything to the General Skilled Migration Processing Centre in Adelaide. Or you can submit the application online and upload the supporting documents to the eVisa system.

Get your health examination done

You must get your health examination done by a doctor nominated by the Australian government AFTER you’ve lodged your visa application. The Australian government will let you know which tests you must undergo. Take your passport with you, glasses/contacts and any documents or referral letters your case officer gives you when you see the doctor.

Provide penal clearance certificates

Provide penal clearance certificates when the Australian government asks for them. Americans must contact the FBI for a criminal history record check, and provide proof of identity and fingerprints.

Register on the JobSearch website

Register on the JobSearch website as a skilled migrant to start looking for jobs in Australia as soon as possible. You must already have your skilled migrant visa to use this website, but you don’t need to be in Down Under yet. When you use this website, your skills will be matched with work opportunities in Australia.

Once you’re settled in Australia, you can also register with Centrelink to find work. They can assess your skills too.

2.Australian Work and Holiday Visa for Americans

work and holiday visa agreement between Australia and the USA was created to encourage cultural exchanges between the two countries. Americans under 31 year old can apply and travel across Australia while working to earn money.

The Work and holiday visa allows Americans in Australia to:

-Enter Australia any time they want within 3 months of the visa grant date
-Stay in Australia for up to one year
-Leave and return to Australia as many times as they want within that one year
-Study for up to 4 months
-Get temporary jobs for up to 12 months

Please note that you can’t work for an employer for longer than six months, or else you’ll lose your visa. If you’re looking for tips to get work and holiday jobs for Americans in Australia, read this article.

How much does the Australian Work and holiday visa for American nationals cost?

The application fee is $460AUD, so you should start to save money. Migrating to Australia is never a cheap process.

What are the Work and holiday visa requirements?

To be able to stay in Australia, you must:

-Subscribe to a travel insurance before you apply for the visa

-Be between 18 and 30 year old

-Be outside Australia when you apply for the visa and receive it

-Meet health and character requirements

-Prove that you are enrolled in a post-secondary course of study or that you hold a post-secondary qualification (a degree for example)

-Have a return ticket or enough money to buy a return ticket. You must also show that you have enough money for the first part of your stay in Australia

Health and character requirements

The Australian Authorities may ask for police certificates from each country where you lived for 12 months or longer, and in the last 10 years since you were 16 year old.

They may also ask to prove that you have proper health insurance to cover your stay, adequate finances and to describe your marital status.

You may be required to have a medical test done, exactly like you would for a Skilled migrant visa, depending on how long you’re staying in Australia, your health condition, the countries you visited before or the occupation you want to apply for.

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How can Americans apply for the Work and holiday visa?

Americans looking for jobs in Australia should visit the government website to apply for the Work and holiday visa.

You’ll need to submit:

-Certified copies of the bio data pages of your passport.

-Two recent passport-sized photographs.

-Certified copies of your birth certificate.

-Evidence of sufficient funds (at least $AUD5000).

-Certified evidence of your educational qualifications.

-Proof that you have health insurance.

-If you served in the army, certified copy of military record or discharge papers.

You should never send original documents with your application; only certified documents. These documents are copies of documents that have been authorized or stamped by a person who is authorized as a witness for statutory declarations. All the extra documentation that you submit with your application must be in English or include an official translation if the document isn’t in English.

There are really many jobs in Australia for Americans, and if you want to live and work Down Under, you just need to be organized and apply for the right visa. Check our Australian jobs search engine to find the best American jobs in Australia.