How To Find A Job In Australia From India?

Do you want to know how to find a job in Australia from India ?

You will need to be organised and very motivated. Australia is a dream destination for lots of migrants, and there’s lots of competition to work and live there. But the Indian population in Australia has tripled in the last ten years, which proves that it’s possible for you to move to Australia!

Australia and India

If you’re Indian and you want to migrate to Australia, you need to find a job there first. There are lots of rules and procedures to follow to organise your immigration to Australia from India, and it takes time!

Check what are the occupations in demand

Try to see which occupations are in demand in the city or town where you would like to live via the CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List). You must find an occupation that’s in demand in AustraliaHere is the listAs an example, there are many jobs in Australia for Indian IT professionals.

Apply for a Skill Assessment from a Relevant Authority and for an English Language Certification too

A relevant assessment authority must assess you skills before you can immigrate to Australia. You must also obtain an English Language Certification to prove that your English is good enough to work and live Down Under. Please note that you will need to pay fees to get these assessments done.

Submit an EOI to receive a Permanent Resident Visa Card

After you’ve done your skills assessment and English language certification, you must submit an application for the occupation that you want to work for. Submit your EOI on SkillSelect, the official processing system of Australia. Be careful to not submit it on other dodgy websites that want to charge you to do that. They’re scammers.

Get your Permanent Residence Visa

If the Australian authorities consider that you have the right profile for a visa, they’ll invite you to apply for the Permanent Residency visa in Australia. Fill the application with all the right information and attach the required documents. After you send your application, follow up with the Australian authorities for your PR visa.


Look for a job in Australia

There are lots of good jobs in Australia for Indian nationals, and they offer very high salaries. Like I said earlier, the competition is fierce and lots of Indians want to migrate to Australia, but if you have in demand skills, work experience and good spoken and written English, you may be able to find an employer that will offer you a job.

Wondering how to get a job in Australia? You need:

  • An Australian CV, written correctly
  • cover letter explaining which type of visa you have, or your current visa status
  • An educational credential and skill assessment obtained from a recognized assessing authority
  • Your English Language Proficiency certification
  • Your Permanent Resident Visa Card

Australia: jobs from India

Here are different ways to find a list of jobs in Australia for Indian citizens :

  • Use Australian job portals: The best job portals in Australia are Seek jobs AustraliaIndeedAdzuna, and Jora job search.
  • Update or create your LinkedIn Profile: Australian employers and recruitment agencies will want to check your LinkedIn profile before they hire you. Create one or update it to connect with the best companies and find the top jobs in Australia.
  • Apply directly online with a motivation letter: There are lots of jobs that are not advertised online, so you can contact companies to ask them if they’d like to meet you. It’s not easy, though.
  • Think about the key industries in Australia: Apply for popular industries that need to hire more people, like healthcare, tourism, mining, etc. You’ll have better chances to get hired for a job in Australia.
  • Apply to Multinational companies: You can find an MNC in India with a branch in Australia, so that later, you can ask them to transfer you to the Australian office.


Be patient!


To find a job in Australia from India, the most important thing you can do is to be patient. Immigration to Australia can take a very long time, and maybe you won’t get a positive answer the first time. But you need to persevere! If you didn’t manage to pass your English certification, try again later. Or maybe try to acquire a degree and new skills to find an occupation that’s in demand in Australia. Indians are very much appreciated in Australia because of their competencies and because they’re hard working, talented people. Good luck with your job search!