Construction Jobs In Australia For Foreigners: The Guide

Do you want to find construction jobs in Australia?
This sector offers far more opportunities than you might think, and great advantages: there are not enough construction workers in Australia! And if you’re on a Working holiday visa, a construction job can help you extend your visa for a second year.


Construction jobs: a great opportunity to work in Australia

The population in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane is growing very fast. New buildings need to be built for people to live there, or to work in offices. For those who enjoy physical work outdoors, this is a great opportunity to find a construction job in Australia.

You’d like to move to Australia, and you’re interested in painting, masonry, electricity, plumbing, or carpentry? There’s a high demand for foreign construction professionals in Oz. And many other tradesmen/tradeswomen are also needed!
If you don’t have a specific qualification, but you are a manual person who likes to try new things, you should definitely go for a construction job Down Under!

 Note: these are physical jobs, and there is always a chance that you can get sick or suffer an injury. I can’t stress it enough, but you need travel insurance for your Working Holiday in Australia. I recommend getting your travel insurance from a reputable company such as World Nomads.

Immigration to Australia to work in construction

To work as a construction worker in Australia, you need to find an employer willing to sponsor you. It is easier to start the visa application process if you are already in Australia. If you’re travelling on a Working Holiday Visa, you should know that some job offers come with a sponsorship opportunity. Generally, employers indicate “Sponsorship offered” in the relevant ads. Keep an eye out for these ads on job websites!

If you live outside Australia, you can start the immigration process by participating in the SkillSelect program, which connects Australian employers and skilled foreign workers together.

In most cases, if you want to get an Australian visa, an employer must sponsor you!

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Be careful: many construction companies hire workers without declaring them.

Clarify this quickly before you commit to a job. You should only accept to work for a construction company in Australia if your employer declares you. If you work without being declared and you get caught by the authorities, you’ll be sent back to your country.

There are other things you should check:

Will your job in construction be safe and healthy?
Will you be covered in case of an accident?
What about your visa for Australia? Do you have one already, or will your employer sponsor you?
Employers will ask you to get the White Card certification to be able to hire you, and it will cost you between 50 and 100 $ AUD.

This is a certification that allows you to work on construction sites. To obtain it, you will have to undertake a one-day paid training. During your training, you’ll be informed about the risks and accidents that can easily happen on construction sites, and learn safety rules to know how to avoid them. Once acquired, this training is valid everywhere in Australia.

We highly recommend Edway Training to get your White Card Certification or receive other safety training in Australia.

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Where to look for construction jobs in Australia?

Here are a few good websites to get a construction job in Australia:

Working conditions

Construction is a very physical career. You will be working outside, in the Australian heat.

Work days start early and end at 3pm (buying a car in Australia can be a good idea if you work in a remote location). The atmosphere is fraternal, and very international.

Your wages can go from 17 to 25 AU $/h, and more if you have good qualifications (previous field experience, degree etc). It’s a great way to earn a very nice salary in a lovely country, and to save money for your future projects! So what are you waiting for?:)

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