Can You Get (Filthy) Rich With A Mining Job In Australia?

In the last couple of years, people have been hearing rumors of mining jobs in Australia that require barely any experience and pay very high wages. Read newspapers or check job boards online, and you’ll see ads promising very well paid jobs in the mining industry that require absolutely no experience.

Well let me tell you something: that sounds too good to be true.

Serious mine operators want to hire people with solid experience for their mining jobs in Australia. If you have a good mining background and received the proper training, then yes, you can get a well paid job.
Of course, there are mining jobs in Australia for inexperienced candidates, but you might have to make tough decisions to make your dream come true.

You might have to move to areas with lots of work but limited workforce, for example the Bowen Basin. It may also mean looking at opportunities within the general mining community itself and just limiting oneself to mining jobs only.

Candidates who want to work as miners but don’t have the required experience or credentials can start their career with entry level jobs. If you have a construction background, it’s much easier to start working in mining.

If you really want a high salary, you’ll need to get a minimum of two years’ experience. There’s no way you’re going to get a first mining job that pays $150K a year if you don’t have the required experience and training.

Many candidates believe they just need to fill out an application to get a great mining job with a massive salary. Nope. You need to have a plan and a goal. To get a mining job, you need to set your sights on a particular field and work toward breaking into that field. Think about a career path and acquire the skills that you need to get a well paid job in the mines. Starting with a lower level job can also be a great way to understand what skills you need to learn to get a better job later. Being patient can really pay off.

You should also remember that mining jobs in Australia can be very lonely, and that you might not see your family much. This can be very depressing for some people, even if they make good money.

Unskilled Mining Jobs In Queensland And WA

Between WA and Queensland, these two states have quite the monopoly of the mining industry in Australia.

The state of Queensland in particular has a heavy reliance on mining, with over 20,000 people being employed by just coal mining companies alone in 2009. These figures do not take into account the jobs created to mine minerals other than coal.

So the truth is that there are a lot of people being employed in the mining industry in Queensland – meaning that there are a lot of entry level positions of offer as well.

QLD Mining Jobs With No Experience

No doubt you have heard about the opportunities available to head out to the mines and work. The stories of high pay and great conditions makes it seem like the ultimate opportunity to put in 5-10 years of hard work to set yourself up – but is it really as good as all the stories make it seem, and how hard is it to find unskilled mining jobs in Queensland?

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Unskilled Mining Job Opportunities

You have a couple of different options available if you are trying to find unskilled mining jobs, entry level positions, traineeships and apprenticeships. The pay for these positions are not going to be fantastic, but if you work hard then promotions can happen quickly – which also means in increased salary.

Also, depending on the employer, you could be eligible for a fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) roster.

Where To Find Mining Jobs In Queensland

The easiest way is through a mining recruitment agency as they have contracts with the mining companies and will be able to help you find the right job for you.

Other than that, you can contact the mines directly. Here are a few of the bigger Queensland mining companies:

Evolution Mining



Because of the benefits of an unskilled mining job in the mines, there is usually quite a bit of competition for positions. To give yourself the best chance of employment, make sure your resume is complete and up to date, and that you have included all the experience that you have had.

Don’t forget:  mining can be a hazardous activity, and there is always a chance that you can get sick or suffer an injury. I can’t stress it enough, but you need travel insurance for your Working Holiday in Australia, especially if you’ll be working in the mining industry. You can’t afford getting into an accident and not having travel insurance to cover your medical bills. I recommend getting your insurance from World Nomads.