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9 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance For Australia

When you travel to Australia, so far away from home, you must expect the unexpected… You could have an accident, get sick, or a natural disaster could occur… Without travel insurance, you might have to pay a fortune if something happens. I personally use World Nomads. You can get an instant quote from them on the widget down below. I’ve found them to be highly affordable and they have […]

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Tips To Find A Job In Australia With WWOOF And HelpX Australia

You should definitely look for WWOOF and HelpX Australia jobs. These services allow you to stay in an Australian home or accommodation and be provided with meals for free in exchange for a few hours of daily work. With HelpX Australia, all kinds of backpacker jobs can be done. In most cases, it involves gardening (mowing, weeding, repairing fences, etc.) or construction (painting, masonry, etc.). […]

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How To Find A Job In Australia From India?

Do you want to know how to find a job in Australia from India ? You will need to be organised and very motivated. Australia is a dream destination for lots of migrants, and there’s lots of competition to work and live there. But the Indian population in Australia has tripled in the last ten years, which proves that it’s possible for you to move to Australia! If […]

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How To Find A Working Holiday Job Or Backpacker Job In Australia?

Looking for working holiday jobs in Australia? Or maybe you’re a backpacker and trying to find work to fund your trip Down Under? Read our tips on how you can find a working holiday / backpacker job in Australia! TRY TO MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION You should write a concise resume and cover letter with all the information the employer or recruiter has requested. If you’re applying for a basic job, you can write a […]

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Au Pair In Australia, Jobs Guide

Working as an au pair in Australia may be a good option for you. With the Working Holiday Visa, you can apply for an au pair job with an Aussie family. You’ll be fed, housed and paid, and in exchange, you’ll work several hours a week taking care of children and doing some household chores. Which visa to work as an Au Pair in Australia? Australia does not offer […]

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