Babysitter And Au Pair Jobs In Australia: Super Guide

Working as an au pair in Australia may be a good option for you. With the Working Holiday Visa, you can apply for au pair jobs with Aussie families. You’ll be fed, housed and paid, and in exchange, you’ll work several hours a week taking care of children and doing some household chores.

au pair australia

Which visa for au pair jobs in Australia?

Australia does not offer a specific visa for au pairs. The WHV – Working Holiday Visa is therefore the best visa for au pair jobs in Australia.

Therefore, you will need to be between 18 and 35 years old to embark on this adventure.

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How To Find A Working Holiday Job

Warning ! Remember that with a Working Holiday Visa, you can’t work for more than 6 months for the same employer. Nothing prevents you from finishing your visa by going on a big adventure across Australia or working for another 6 months in another host family.

How Are Au Pair Jobs In Australia Like?

The job of an au pair is made up of a range of activities including childcare, taking the children to the park, playing with them, picking them up at school or accompanying them to extra-curricular activities. You may also have to cook and prepare their meals, and sometimes cook diner for the whole family! A great occasion to have them taste the delicacies of your home country:)

You’ll also be asked to take part in household chores such as ironing, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Au pair jobs workload

Your weekly workload is usually defined in advance and may vary depending on the number of children, their age and the lifestyle of the host family.

Generally, you’ll work between 20 and 40h / week including an evening of babysitting and 2 days rest.

Discover a new culture

Au pair jobs help you immerse yourself in a different culture, that of an Australian family! You must be open-minded and be ready to change your habits.

You will discover new ways of educating children or cooking food that might surprise you.

But sometimes you will also stumble upon families from your own country looking for au pairs who speak the same language as them. This is easier at first because there won’t be a language barrier, but if you want to discover the Aussie culture, you’ll have to go out and meet people!


Required experience for au pair jobs in Australia

-Families strongly appreciate candidates who already have professional experience with children, whether it is babysitting, a nanny job or experience in a school or nursery.

-If you are the oldest child of your family and you have taken care of your younger brothers and sisters, don’t hesitate to mention it!

-The First Aid Certificate is an important criterion for getting the au pair job. If if you can prove that you obtained it, this will reassure the host family, who will realise that you’re a very serious candidate.

You can obtain the First Aid Certificate in Australia.

Also note that you may be asked for references and contacts from your former employers.


Au Pair Jobs Remuneration

The remuneration of an au pair includes:

Her salary

Average salary for au pair jobs

Count between 120 and 250 AU $ per week (between 72 and 150 EUR) depending on the number of hours worked per week and the hourly rate paid by the family.


Generally, the au pair gets a room from the host family.


The host family provides meals to the au pair.


It is your responsibility to pay for the flight from your home country to your Australian host family, unless they decide to pay for it, but they’re not obliged to do so.

English level

One of the main motivations of an au pair is to perfect her English. However, in order to have the best chance of being chosen by an Australian host family, you’ll have to know a minimum of English.

In short, if you’re not totally bilingual, it’s not a problem, but it is necessary to know how to express yourself correctly and to be able to follow a conversation.

A few extra tips

-Take your time to choose your future family.

-Look for au pair jobs on Working Holiday job boards.

-Prefer large cities with things to do in your spare time – shopping, museums, sightseeing, etc.

-Send or bring documents that prove your experience in the field as they are often requested by families (for example, a letter of recommendation).

-It is always best to have a first telephone contact with your future employers before you leave for Australia.

-During the first few days with your host family, take the time to communicate with them to get to know them better.

-It is normal to feel homesick at the beginning. Try not to isolate yourself, it’d make the situation more difficult. Talk to your host family, get involved in their daily lives, and do your best to create a meaningful connection with them.