2nd Year Visa Jobs Guide: How To Stay In Australia?

After spending a year in Australia, many working holiday makers don’t want to go home. They want to continue this extraordinary experience, enjoy the Australian climate, the atmosphere, the kangaroos or simply save money by continuing to work in Oz. Every single excuse is good to stay! What if you could stay with a Second Year Visa? Yes, you can get 2d year visa jobs in Australia!

Since 2015, the myVEVO app (iTunes, Android) allows you to check your current visa, expiry date and conditions. To check the progress of your visa application, you must log on to your immiaccount.

How to get a Second Year Visa in Australia

The Second Year Visa allows you to travel and work in Australia for another 12 months after your first year in Australia. If you are back in your country, you can go back to Oz and if you are already Down Under, you can just stay!

The request can be made on the spot or from another country and, as for the first visa, it will cost you AU $440 (rate from March 2018).

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General conditions

-You must be between 18 and 30 years old at the time of application.
-Have a valid passport (and valid at least 6 months afterwards).
-Have completed 3 months (or 88 days) of work in a specific area during the first year and in a region considered eligible for this visa.
-Apply no later than 12 months before your date of return to Australia.
-Not have dependent children during your stay in Australia.
-Be outside the country when the visa is granted to you if you apply from another country.
-Be in Australia when the visa is granted to you if you applied for a second year visa while in Australia.


More info about the second year visa Australia

The 3 months work period is calculated cumulatively. That is, it can be done in one go with the same employer or with several jobs during the year with different employers.

For example, you can work on the same farm for 88 days or choose to work a month in the mines, a month fruit picking, and so on. Beware, the days counted are the days of full work on weekends and weekdays. A full day is equivalent to about 7 or 8 hours of work.

For example :
– If you only work a few hours in the morning, this can not be counted as a working day for the Second Year Visa calculation.
– If the employer makes you work 12 hours, it will only count as one day and not two.

Weekends also count as full time so if you work 5 days, it will give you 7 days.


Eligible regions for the Second Year Visa

Getting the Second Year Visa will depend on two criteria: the type of job performed and the region in which you work. This must be a rural area (“Regional Australia”).

A list of postcodes (“Visa applicants, Regional areas” tab) allows you to know if the area you are in is eligible or not. If you are working to apply for a second year visa Australia, remember to check this list first, so you do not waste your time.


Excluded regions

-Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong in New South Wales.
-Greater Brisbane area and Gold Coast in Queensland.
-Melbourne and its surroundings in Victoria.
-Perth and its surroundings in Western Australia.
-Australian Capital Territory (Canberra)


2d year visa australia

Second Year Visa Australia Jobs: eligible work

The work you perform during 88 days to get your second year visa must belong to specific categories (“specified work”).


Eligible sectors of activity

-Agricultural work (“Plant and animal cultivation”): includes activities such as picking fruits and vegetables (fruit picking) and / or packing fruits and vegetables (packing), cutting vines, pruning, tree cutting, planting, general maintenance, animal care, etc.

-Fishing and pearling (“Fishing and pearling”)

-Tree farming and transportation (Tree farming and felling): includes activities such as planting, maintenance, felling, transportation, etc.

-Mining work: includes activities such as oil and gas extraction, mining of metal ores, working in coal mines, construction of mining equipment, mining and quarrying. exploration, etc.

-Construction work (“Construction”): includes activities such as construction, civil works, land-use planning, installation services, etc.

-Voluntary work (Wwoofing and HelpX) is no longer eligible for a Second Year Visa.

Since August 31, 2015, Second Year Visa applicants must provide pay slips when applying. The Australian ministry of immigration has announced that any work done from December 1, 2015 must be paid.


How to apply for your second year visa Australia

First of all, print Form 1263 and have it completed by each of your employers to prove your 3 months of work. For the Second Year Visa, you will need to provide the Australian government with documents that demonstrate that you meet the criteria. Remember to keep the originals and copies of the following documents as they may be requested: Payslips, report on all your pay slips (“Group certificate”), summary of pay slips (“Payment summary”), employer references, employment verification form, Australian bank statement covering the declared period of work (“Bank statement”). Employers might be called by government agents to verify the accuracy of the information you have provided.


How to proceed for 2d year visa work?

The procedure to renew your Working Holiday Visa is about the same as when you sent your first application.

Via the Internet:

You need to provide copies of the documents mentioned above, your passport number, employers’ ABN, documents regarding your 3 months of work and your credit card. More info.

By postal mail: Send the documents to this address:

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Attention : Brisbane Working Holiday Program

GPO Box 9984 Brisbane Qld 4001


A reply email will be sent to you.

Your Second Year Visa will start at the end of the first visa.

If you apply when you are no longer in Australia and your first visa has expired: apply directly online. As with the first visa, once the visa is granted to you, you have one year to return to Australia. Once you arrive in Oz, your visa is activated for 12 months. If your WHV is about to expire and you still have no answer for the second year visa, a bridging visa will be granted automatically to you at the end of your first WHV, allowing you to make the transition between your old visa and the new one, and thus remain legally in Australia.

When you receive the second WHV, the bridging visa will automatically stop and you will switch to your new visa.


Health Criteria for your second year visa Australia

All people applying for the Second Year Visa must meet certain health criteria. Although it is quite rare, be aware that depending on the circumstances, you may be asked to undergo a medical examination that may include a radio of the lungs, HIV test, hepatitis B and / or C test. It will be at your own expense and will cost about AU $250. You must do it.

You must also be insured during the second year visa. Check with your insurance company!


Financial Criteria

You may need to prove that you have enough money to stay on a second year visa in Australia. In general, AU $5000 is enough. You may be asked to provide an Australian bank statement or a departure ticket from Australia to serve as proof.


Some more tips on 2d year visa jobs

Don’t even think about cheating by giving false statements or proofs of employment. You may be denied your Second Year Visa, but also be kicked out of Australia for 3 years. It’s not worth it! Remember to keep your Tax File Number because it will remain the same for your second year. Finally, try to send your request as early as possible in order to avoid unnecessary stress and to plan the rest of your stay.

So, are you happy to be able to stay in Australia for a second year? 🙂